July 1st, 2016

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Неизвестно, сколько нам тут на Украине осталось жить, так что потянуло на философию, вопросы жизни и смерти... Чуть раньше излагал про "комплекс патернализма", как стимул творить в Сети и вообще добро Отечеству... А сейчас о страшном и кровавом маньячестве. Когда маньяк реализует свои…

Трамп снова атакует Клинтон, на этот раз задавая прямой вопрос ФБР... :

По сути - это атака на всю госсистему, включая бенефициаров из ФБР, покрывающих Киллари :

When it comes to her unprecedented use of a rogue email system,‪#‎CrookedHillary‬ has repeatedly claimed “everything I did was permitted.”

WRONG: https://www.lyingcrookedhillary.com/…/secret-server-hillary…

A report by the State Department’s own watchdog destroys Clinton’s lie that she followed the rules. She did not get permission from anyone to exclusively use private email for all of her government work; she failed the requirement to use an authorized and secure system for her email communications; she broke federal records laws by shielding her official records from congressional and public scrutiny; and, she ignored warning after warning that her setup posed a significant cybersecurity risk.

There is no question that what she did was not allowed. The only question that remains is up to the FBI: was it criminal?